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Seriously dating or engaged?

For those who are seriously dating or engaged the importance of premarital counseling is paramount. It is so important to have a full toolbox to have available when problems arise. And they will arise. It is like getting a shiny new car- you are so in love with it that you wash it and wax it everyday, you park far away from every other car so it won’t get dinged, you polish the interior till it’s gleaming, and you keep it neat and clean. Then, slowly, without even noticing, you wash it less, it gets cluttered with receipts and coffee cups, you take the closest parking spot because you don’t want to walk too far, so you get a couple of door dings, and your paint job is faded and rusty.


The next step is usually to just trade it in and get a new one. With a little TLC, your beautiful shiny new car can stay beautiful. Premarital counseling is the place to acquire those tools you will need to keep your relationship in great shape. In 3 sessions, we will discuss issues such as Communication, Finances, Sex, Parenting, Step Families, Conflict Resolution, Roles, Personality Types, etc.


The cost is $450, which includes the SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) online assessment for each person ($35 for the two of you) and 3 sessions to go over that assessment . It also provides a substantial amount off your marriage license in the state of Florida. This isn’t only for engaged couples with a wedding date. It is for any couple who are dating seriously. 



BEFORE you say  

      I DO!


Don't be Naive


Don't Compromise


Don't be Phony

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